Classroom update

Here are some photos of the classrooms being secured with the burglar proof gates that we have been able to fund. The classrooms are now equipped and safely locked each day after school!


One month on!

Photos have arrived today from the school in Sanka village from one of the teachers. So pleased to see that most classes have now received their tables and chairs from the carpenter. These are much safer and functional for the children to complete their learning. The installed whiteboards are coming in great use as are the other resources that were sent out.

Thank you again to all that contributed to fundraising events to make this possible – it is hugely appreciated!

Working hard!

Both the carpenter and the welder have been working hard this week in their workshops.

The carpenter has his hands full making 192 chairs and 96 tables for each class from Kindergarten to year 6.

Later on this week, the welder will be fitting burglar proof metal grates to all windows and doors including the toilets.

We can’t wait to see what these will look like in the classrooms!

Ms Reynolds and Ms Richards.

Classroom progress!

The classrooms now have different posters of phonics, the alphabet, number lines, multiplication, division and handwriting to aid the children’s learning. In the lower primary, beautiful, colourful artwork of the alphabet made by Milly Maynard (Year 6) has been attached to the wall. We also used Milly’s drawings to help us with painting the playground wall. (more…)

Painting the Kindergarten building

We have painted the outside of the Kindergarten building with 2 local painters in the last two days.

Yesterday, we managed to sand the walls and paint 2 coats of yellow. The painters cleverly used long sticks which they attached the rollers to to reach the higher parts of the building. The children were very curious and were keen to help!

Taking inspiration from a few other schools in the area, we decided to brighten the walls of the Kindergarten playground with the alphabet, shapes and numbers. (more…)

The whiteboards are up!


The whiteboards are up!

Twelve whiteboards have been made and put up alongside blackboards in each classroom and the library. A notice board to communicate with children and further boards have been fitted in the head teacher’s room to communicate with staff. (more…)

Our first day at school!

Having arrived safely in Cape Coast, Ghana, we spent our first day today at Nana Kwame Esuon IV M/A Basic school in Sanka.

In two car loads, filled with the boxes that had been sent from Belleville, we travelled up a bumpy track whilst being followed by excited children!

When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by the head teacher, teachers of the school and important members of the community. We spent the day unpacking. Both children and teachers were thrilled with donated books, sports equipment and stationary that we were able to purchase with the money raised from various fundraising events this year. (more…)